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Good afternoon, lovely peeps! TGIF!!!!!! We hope you’re all ready to party this weekend! Speaking of, we want to help you celebrate your weekend in style! We’re here to share the perfect accessory to store all your party essentials in– I.D. (check!), wallet (check!), cell phone (check!), lipstick (check!).

Feast your eyes on our Diamonds Are Forever Crossbody Bag! Why is it so great? Well for starters, this cute little accessory was featured on a Seventeen.com article as one of the perfect gifts for this holiday! People have already fallen in love with it! And did we mention that this amazing crossbody converts into a super stylish clutch complete with wristlet? Say wahhhhhhhh?? You can rock that casual look during the day, and that sleek style at night. You could have perfection in the palm of your hands in just a few simple clicks!

Check out the Seventeen post and head on over to Mintyjungle.com to see our Diamonds Are Forever Crossbody Bag in 4 quirky colors!!!


seventeen 1 Seventeen 2


seventeen 3


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