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We’re pretty sure all of you guys have a certain way of taking and editing your pictures. So here at Minty Jungle, we did some app browsing and came up with our top 5 faves. Check them out!

1. GifBoom: This cool app let’s you to create fun and lively GIFs! If you’re having trouble picking out your favorite photo, GifBoom allows you to show several photos all in one posting. Just choose your pics (even a video) and BOOM!

image gifboom

2. VSCOcam: This awesome camera app allows you to edit your pictures to get that cool effortless editorial look! Choose from several rad filters that you can even adjust the intensity of. You can get even more in depth with editing by adjusting things like contrast, temperature, shadows, highlights, etc. We have to say– this handy app has saved us several times when creating our own posts!

IMG_0158 IMG_0196

3. InstaSize: We know how it feels to have an amazing selfie not fit into that darn Instagram square! It drives us crazy! We found this quick and easy solution to that dilemma. With Instasize, you can fit your rectangular sized image into a square that gives you a border of any color you’d like! We usually go with chic white, and there you have it! No cropping necessary (:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.50.07 AM IMG_0180

4. Top Camera: There are many editing apps out there– many very similar. But what is great about this one is, aside from the stabilizer, timer, and all the pro camera options, is the cool HDR feature. The high def resolution effect is increasingly noticeable, and happens right before your eyes! Its basically like having a pro camera right in the palm of your hands! No need to lug around anything bigger than your phone.

IMG_0217 IMG_0218

5. Photoshop Mix: Well that name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? This mini Photoshop app is super fun and easy to use. This great app allows you to bring two photos in at a time and layer one atop the other. You can create something fun by cutting out an image and throwing it over a sparkly background, crop your image, throw diffrent “looks” (filters) onto it, and make all kinds of basic adjustments.

IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0779  IMG_0781 IMG_0780IMG_0782

Let us know if any of these apps helped you out! Which ones are your faves?


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