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Music Monday: Halsey



Up and coming indie singer, Halsey, is for sure an artist to look out for! This 20 year-old beauty is definitely catching peoples’ attention with her hauntingly beautiful voice, edgy sound, and super relatable lyrics. Not to mention, we’re loving her totally rad style and colored hair! Totally Minty Muse worthy!

Halsey started off her career by posting cover songs on YouTube. In 2014, she recorded an original song called Ghost and posted it to YouTube and SoundCloud. Her original song got her tons of attention and played a big role in getting her signed to NYC based label, Astralwerks. Later on that year, Halsey released her debut EP titled Room 93. The EP was a “visual” with four of the five songs with its own video.

It wasn’t till this year that Halsey started making head wave. During South by Southwest, she was the most talked about person online. Her debut album “BADLANDS” released August 28, 2015. On the album, you can find Halsey’s most popular songs like “Hold Me Down,” “New Americana,” and “Drive.”

Feel like givin’ the album a listen? We’ve got you covered! (:

Eargasm or nah? Check for tour dates here!

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